Ugrás a tartalomhoz Lépj a menübe



  1. What is the greatest family celebration for you?

  2. What are the red letter days in your family?

  3. Do you usually invite distant relatives for family celebrations?

  4. Do you go out with your family when there is a special occasion?

  5. Do you usually organize  parties at your birthday ?

  6. Are there any special traditions in your family?

  7. Do you celebrate Valentine's day?

  8. What's your opinion about the changing significance of Christmas?

  9. Does your family celebrate any newer celebrations, for example Halloween?

  10. How does your family celebrate Christmas?

  11. Do you attend church feasts?

  12. Do you think it's important to remember the victims and heroes of wars?

  13. Do you follow the same traditions then the older generation in your family?

  14. Do you come from a large or a small family?

  15. What is your relationship with your family?

  16. Who do you live with? Do you share your room with anyone?

  17. Are you in close contact with those members of your family who don’t live with you?

  18. How often does the whole family get together?

  19. How important is family for you?

  20. Who do you take after?

  21. Have you got your father’s or mother’s personality?

  22. In which cases do you ask for advice from your parents?

  23. Do you discuss important decisions?

  24. Who wears the trousers in your family?

  25. How do you celebrate occasions?

  26. On what other occassions do the members of your wider family meet?

  27. What is the greatest family festival for you?

  28. Do you come from a large or a small family?
    Who do you live with?

    What's your relationship with them like?
    How much time do you spend with your family?
    Are you in close contact with those members of your family who don't live with you?
    How important to you is your extended family?
    Have you got your mother's or father's personality?
    What do you usually do with your family together?
    What are you doing in your free time?
    What sports are you keen on?
    Which school do you attend?
    How do you spend your birthdays?
    Do you have any relatives abroad?
    How do you think your character changed over the years?
    What are your plans for the future?

    How often do you go holiday?
    Where do you go usually?
    How long time does an average holiday take in your family?
    Do you go to the same place every year?
    Have you ever been on holiday without your parents?
    Do you know where will you go in this year?
    How does your family celebrate a bithday?
    Do you celebrate any religious event?
    Do you celebrate with the whole family?
    Do you keep namedays?

    What's your parents job?
    Do your parents like their jobs?
    Do they bring their job home?
    Do you work something now?
    Would you like to get a job in the summer?
    What's your plans for the future?
    Are your parents get tired of their job in the end of the day?
    What is their opinion of their own job?
    And what is your opinion of their job?